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Port Issac

David and I have had a lovely week. Great friends were staying in Port Issac as their daughter is on the production team of “Doc Martin”, which is currently on location in Port Issac. We had a fab meal at The Harbour Restaurant, which I would recommend to anyone. It is small so booking is essential.

Port Issac is beautiful and we agreed it is far too long since we have been there and agree we must visit more often it really is a little gem!
Thursday we lunched at the Eliot Arms a lovely pub which is right next to the Port Eliot Estate. We met some more old friends and it was great catching up.

The weather has greatly improved this week. Warmer, brighter and generally much more spring like. Lots of walkers staying this week and all have had an enjoyable time. April and May seem to be a great time to walk the coastal footpath. So come and see us.