Padstow, or Petroc Stow in the Doomsday Book meaning Petrock’s Place, is a treasure of the county. The greenery of the land surrounding it, the magnificent blue seas that cover the rocks that elevate Padstow to have one of the most striking views of the Eastern Atlantic, and the local friendly and proud people have turned this town into a visitor’s hotspot. Always welcoming visitors, Padstow accommodation waits for you to come and enjoy.

This history of Padstow is long, varied and rich. While stopping here, be sure to learn of the Viking raids of the tenth century, driving out local monks and their relics. Learn also of Padstow’s vital role in the colonising of the American continent, offering cheap fares to emigrants in vast timber vessels. Learn of the shipwrecks, the stories, the inspiration of poets the townspeople of generations, and Padstow’s very special place in a country that defines British maritime history.

7 Bays for 7 days

Padstow’s beaches are amongst the finest in Cornwall and the UK at large. The texture is a soft fine white sand. Here are our recommendations.

Constantine Bay

A popular surfer’s beach that faces west, straight into the Atlantic and its currents. Although excellent for surfers, swimmers may face some difficulty with the current and the ragged coastline that surrounds it. Lifeguards are on patrol during peak times.

Harlyn Bay

more popular for swimmers given that it’s shielded from the majority of the Atlantic, but also a popular spot for sitting on the beach and resting- given the length and width of the fine uninterrupted sand.

Hawker’s Cove

One of the most northerly and most quiet of Padstow’s beaches, Hawker’s is ideal for the fine stroll between the flat fields and the long unending sand.

Mother Ivey’s Bay

Northwest of Padstow, Mother Ivey’s Bay lies just around the corner from the grand ocean itself. One spot has rock pools, and one step to the left has you looking out to a water thousands of miles distant. Mother Ivey’s is very much on the edge of Padstow.

Portcothan Bay

This particular bay is more of a strip of beach, known for its vertical run down to the water. With the B3276 connecting nearby, Porthcothan is one of the most accessible beaches.

Georges Well

One of the smallest and quietest beaches of Padstow, situated on the estuary only a short walk from the town.

Trevone Bay

Straight off the Padstow residential area comes the popular treat of Trevone. Here is one of the most loved and used of the area’s beaches, with more of a chance to get to know the locals.