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Discover Padstow

Padstow, or Petroc Stow in the Doomsday Book means Petroc’s Place and is a treasure of the county of Cornwall. The greenery of the countryside surrounding it and the magnificent blue seas that cover the rocks gives Padstow one of the most striking views of the North Atlantic. The local friendly and proud people of Padstow have turned this town into a visitor’s hotspot and are always welcoming visitors. Symply Padstow waits for you to come and enjoy.

The history of Padstow is long, varied and rich. While staying here be sure to learn of the Viking raids of the tenth century, driving out the local monks. Learn also of Padstow’s vital role in the colonising of the American continent, offering cheap passage to immigrants in vast timber vessels. Learn of the shipwrecks, the stories, the inspiration of poets, the generations of townspeople and Padstow’s very special place in a country that defines British maritime history.